State Leaders and State Vetting Officers have full discretion to accept or reject any potential member for this organization. State Vetting Officers should only accept potential members who they feel are upstanding, law-abiding citizens who will benefit their state and the movement.

This organization has a multi-level vetting process:

Level 1: State Chapters on Facebook State Chapters on Facebook are closed, but people can ask to join them. When they submit a request to join the State Leader or State Vetting Officer will overlook their pictures, location, and legitimacy of the profile, and will choose to accept or reject the request. Members are encouraged to only participate in States in which they reside, have secondary residencies in, frequently travel for work, or have an immediate family interest with. People near neighboring states are welcome to participate in that state’s neighboring zones/district for situational awareness. It is strongly discouraged to request membership in states more than would be expected in your purview and could lead to being inadvertently removed from all group memberships.

Level 2: Forum State Leaders will post links on their State Chapter Facebook pages asking people to join the forum. It’s best to use actual links of posts and training materials/videos, so when the link is clicked it requires registration.

Level 3: State Room in the Forum When a potential member asks to join their State Room on the forum they must fill out the following questionnaire given by their State Vetting Officer or State Leader and provide answers to any further questions asked by them. This form should be filled out