Community Outreach


The III% Organization are not just you and I. They are our Sheriffs, our Police Officers; Firefighters and Medics, Nurses and Doctors. They are our IT folks and librarians, grocers, farmers; they are in all professions. They are members of our community.

Part of being a member of a community, means contributing to it and knowing who we can count on when disaster strikes. We all have participated in assisting our community in one way or another; flood clean-up, sand-bagging, food donation and collection, tornado clean-up and even search and rescue. These are just a few ways we already contribute to our community. But does our community know that it is a member of The III% Organization who came to their aide in time of need? If not, they should be notified.

We must change the hearts and minds of people on who we The III%'s are. However, we cannot force them to accept our ideals. Our actions speak louder than any words we speak. To show the community that they can count on the Three Percenters , we must act. We must show them who we truly are.

We are expected to:

● Be a dependable member of our community. Make sure your neighbors know you, a Three Percenter will watch out for them. Lead a neighborhood watch program.

● Support local law enforcement by letting them know The III% Organization have their backs.

● Volunteer when your schedule permits - schools, places of worship and community centers are just a few of many ways to help fellow Americans.

● Assist local authorities when appropriate; anything from sandbagging efforts and disaster relief, to search and rescue operations.

● Be the change you want to see.