The III% organization

The III% Organization’ is a national organization made up of patriotic citizens who love their country, their freedoms, and their liberty. We are committed to standing against and exposing corruption and injustice.

3 PRINCIPLES OF THE III%'s Organization

Moral Strength

Knowing what is right and wrong and acting accordingly. Being trustworthy, truthful, and holding high values and principles. Having the moral strength to stand up when something is wrong without fear.

Physical Readiness

Physical readiness is defined as the ability to meet the physical demands of any task in order to accomplish the objective at hand. There are some III%ers that have disabilities that prevent them from meeting physical demands and for these there is an exception.

No First Use of Force

"Don't fire unless fired upon". We are not the aggressor nor antagonist. We are purely defensive and only as a last resort.


The goal and focus of TheIII%Organization is to get patriots to network, prepare, petition and rally together on a local, state and national level. We intend to provide the groundwork and guidance that will be used to make positive advances in the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. We plan to leverage incorporated fail safes and laws to ensure the success in preserving the Constitution as the supreme law of the land