Public Relations


As a TheIII%Organization member, you have likely been approached and asked: “ how are you different than those other groups?” Maybe it was a decal on your vehicle or a flag you fly at home that prompted the curiosity. How did you reply? Did you go into detail or keep it short and sweet? What do they think about you and your cause once they hear what you have said? What will they say when they tell others about you? Did you leave a lasting and positive impression on their hearts and minds? What about your appearance and demeanor? Were you easily approachable and willing to speak confidently or were you perceived as stand-offish and closed-minded?

These are the things we need to always keep in the front of our minds. Being a member of The III% National is a full-time job. It means representing the cause wherever you are and whenever you are. It’s not just about how we think we act, it’s part of situational awareness; how were we perceived. You may say to yourself that you don't care how others look at you. If this is the case, then you are doing the cause a disservice and turning away potential support.

Here are some things to remember when interacting with the public: ● Reference this guide and all PR broadcasts from Nationals to educate yourself on the best approach to these sometimes-difficult questions. Talk to your State and Zone Leaders. Request a meeting with them or jump on call to clarify. ● Stand for the rights of all Americans; all races, all religions, all genders and creeds. There will be times we disagree with a value but if we are truly for the constitution then we stand for their rights as well. ● Dress appropriately. Wear clothes that are comfortable but that are clean and of correct size. Dress for the occasion. Don’t wear full battle-rattle when going to Wal-Mart. Maybe you have a permit to carry, but how will you be perceived? ● Carry every day and everywhere you legally can (follow all laws and permit requirements). Be conscious of your surroundings and respectful of other beliefs. Would conceal carry be a better option? Do you feel that open carrying an AR is the best choice to persuade folks who already dislike guns? ● Carry a properly holstered sidearm that is clean and in good condition. Make sure your holster works with your belt. Inspect your firearm and ammo regularly. ● Be vigilant but be approachable for open dialogue. Avoid petty confrontations. Be the bigger man/woman and choose when to end the conversation if you feel it’s going down the wrong path.