Education, Preparation, Community Outreach, Political Involvement, Training

Members of the III%Organization should seek to acquire the following basic skills, with the expectation of advancing and fine tuning your skills. ● Basic fundamentals of firearm safety (mandatory completion for new members) ● Marksmanship training (both pistol and rifle) ● Advanced tactics/shooting (upon completion of Basic Fundamentals of Firearm Safety and Marksmanship training) ● Entry level/advanced knowledge of Radio operations and Comms (recommend HAM licensing) ● Develop a physical fitness/physical preparedness plan (maintain awareness of personal limitations and personal improvement) ● Basic First Aid/Advanced First Aid (develop advanced medical personnel/field medics). ● Develop basic understanding of land navigation/GPS/Topographical maps and ability to use a compass ● Food preservation and water filtration● Branches of government and their duties.

In addition to these skills, all Three Percenters should know and understand the Constitution in its entirety, especially your rights and limitations. For legality sake, all members should be familiar with Federal, State, and Local laws for where they work, live, and interact. It is expected that you defend ALL rights of ‘We the People’, regardless of Race/Religion/Creed. The hardest part about protecting freedom, is protecting the freedoms of those we do not agree with.