Political Activism


Three Percenters have a voice, a very loud voice indeed, but that voice needs to be heard. However, if we do not act, then our voice falls on deaf ears. The Constitution has been metaphorically shredded in many states, and our rights have become a mere shadow of what the Founding Fathers envisioned. We need to restore America to the Republic she once was.

Here are a few things you can do, to make a difference lawfully:

● Educate yourself on the Constitution. The entire document and all her amendments.

● Educate yourself on laws; current, past and future. Are there laws about to pass in your town that you are unaware of? Should they be passing without protest?

● Do not take someone’s word for what laws or executive actions/orders may be coming down- research for yourself.

● Ensure that you search credible

● Actively participate in all elections that you have a voice in. Learn who your federal, state and local representatives are, and contact them regularly. What do they stand for and when is their term up?

● Know who is running for your next Sheriff, Mayor, Senator, etc. (Keep in mind your Sheriff is the supreme law of the land and has the power to kick the Feds out if they’re actions are unconstitutional.) Try attending meets they host so you can see for yourself what type of leader will they be. Will these people represent your ideals?

● Protest and Counter-Protest; we are many in number and numbers speak loudly. If you see something happening in your community that is wrong, then use your constitutional rights to create and organize a rally for your cause, or a protest of your grievances. Invite, advertise and share so you can have a show of force. Strength in numbers.

● Write your officials, call and email them with your thoughts. Don’t just let them know that you are upset, explain to them why you're upset, why it is unjust and immoral and how it affects those in your community. Don’t be afraid to meet them and discuss your grievances personally. ● March forward with an open mind but never surrender. Fight to get your voice heard and fight for those who you vow to protect.